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Whole Grain Baggers

R1090 and R990

Faster than conventional machines

  • No auger inflicted damage

  • Consistent stretching of plastic along bag perimeter

  • Less power requirements


  • 10' bags x 150m

  • 24" auger diameter

  • 1200 tons/h


  • 9' bags x 150m

  • 16" auger diameter

  • 600 tons/h


Truck transfer auger for all 9'and 10'model baggers

  • For all bagging grain brought in by hopper bottom semis and dump trailers

  • Can achieve a 200 ton/h loading rate with 100 HP

grain bag unloaders
Grain bag unloaders

E6910 Grain Extractor

Can collect about 120 meters of plastic bag.

New compact model with fixed roller can handle all bag sizes.

  • 60 HP tractor only required

  • 6, 9 and 10 ft bags

  • 350 ton/h discharge rate

EA910 Grain Extractor

Traditional model is only 2.6m wide in transport. It can switch to work mode is less than 1 minute and can collect 150m of plastic bag.

  • 60 HP tractor 

  • 9 and 10 ft bags

  • 350 ton/h discharge rate

roller mill baggers
Roller mill baggers

Roller mill baggers with 6ft tunnels.

R6EA plus

Fitted with 6ft tunnels.

Integrated crimper-bagger for storing rolled or whole grain, moist or dry, in 6 foot bags.

  • Swing feed auger is 10" in diameter with a throughput of 60 tons/h

  • Travels on 3 axes for easy positioning

  • 100 to 130 HP tractor power required

  • Processing capacity can reach 50 tons/h depending on conditions


Fitted with 6ft tunnels.

Single roller mill baggers can store crushed and whole grain, either moist or dry.

Different roll velocity which produces efficient shearing of the grain and small diameter, very uniform sized particles.

R650 MX

Dual roller mill baggers double the processing capacity of single mill units

  • 80 tons/h

  • 120 HP minimum tractor power

Roller mill baggers with 9ft tunnels.


Roller and end caps are an integrated unit. Full length shafts are mounted on self-centering locking couplings and hardened steel sleeves.

It has 2 side-by-side mounted roller mills.

3 optional tooth sizes:

  • small groove roller: 9 teeth per inch

  • medium groove roller: 6 teeth per inchh

  • large groove roller: 4 teeth per inch

  • 80 tons/h

  • 120 HP minimum


Single unit roller mill

  • 40 tons/h

  • 90 HP minimum


The solution for conveying grains in all moisture ranges from bottom hopper and dump type trucks and trailers

​CG300 with:

  • R1090: 120HP, 60l/m, 150 m x 10'

  • R990: 110HP, 60l/m, 150 m x 10'

  • R950MX: 180 HP, 60l/m, 90 x 10'

Hammer mill baggers
HAMMER mill baggers


For storing finely milled grain.

Hardened and reversible heavy duty hammers provide high water resistance.

  • 6 or 9 ft bags

  • 120 HP tractor

  • 25 tons/h

  • Particle diameter of 1200µ or less

Ideal for dairy farming, pig breeding and other productions.

Silage Baggers
SILAGE baggers

R10-230D Professional

  • Choice of 9 or 10 foot tunnels.

  • Consistent compaction throughout operation.

  • Drums equipped with cables for 100m long bags


  • Pull type forage bagger with interchangeable 6 and 7 foot tunnels

  • High compaction is achieved with a 1.2m packing rotor


  • For 6 foot bags

  • Economical compacting auger system

  • Side feed conveyor

Roller mills

M15 Transporter roller mill

Driven by tractors PTO. The optional feed auger is driven by a hydraulic motor mounted at its extremity. The discharge auger has a 3.3 meter clearance and is orientable.

  • 55 HP

  • Maximum 20 tons per hour

  • Total weight: 690 kgs

M15E Electric drive roller mill

  • 25 HP electric motor

  • Maximum 20 tons per hour

  • Total weight (without motor): 550 kgs

An optional feed auger is driven by a 3 HP electric motor. The orientable discharge auger has 3.5m clearance and a 3 HP electric motor as well. This machine also has optional transport wheels.

M50E Stationary roller mill

  • 50 HP electric motor

  • Maximum 40 tons per hour

  • Total weight (without motor): 800 kgs

Optional feed and discharge augers

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