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The benefits and characteristics of Tear Aid include:

  • Holds air and water under pressure even when stretched

  • See-thru patch works well with all colours

  • Instant adhesion with no sewing

  • Conforms to irregular surfaces

  • Won't turn gummy in high heat

  • UV resistant; inhibits yellowing for years

  • Cuts easily to any size with scissors

  • No glue tubes; no mess liquid adhesives to apply

  • Elastic patch that won't pull off when stretched

There are 2 types of Tear Aid:

Type A:

Type A can be used on the following:

  • Canvas

  • Rubber

  • Neoprene

  • Nylon

  • Most fabrics

  • Plastics

  • Polyethylene

  • Polypropylene

  • Polyurethane

  • Non-oiled Leather

  • Sumbrella

  • Gore-tex

  • Acrylics

  • Fiberglass

  • Aluminum

  • Polyester

  • Hypalon

  • Dacron

Type B:

Type B can be used only on vinyl and vinyl-coated products only.


[Vinyls have oils that are absorbed by most adhesives which causes the adhesive to turn gooey, gummy, and ultimately lose bond. Tear-Aid vinyl repair patches contain an inhibitor that blocks the oils found in vinyls resulting in a long lasting repair.]

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