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Airtight inflatable boat material is specifically designed for aquatic sports. The material is an achievement of technical innovation, with at least 4 layers of PVC combined with a high strength polyester based fabric. This creates a product that is flexible, elastic, airtight and resistant to mechanical abrasions, weather, UV etc. 
It is also contains no toxins and is environmentally friendly in accordance with the EU REACH, RoHS and PAHs regulations.

Airtight boating material is widely used for boats such as kayaks, fishing boats, inflatable canoes, rafting boats as well as for rescue boats, life rafts etc.

For more information, please see the Data sheet:
- 850gsm Data Sheet
- 1000gsm Data Sheet
- 1450gsm Data Sheet

Product detail:
Weight:  850gsm, 1000gsm, 1450gsm
Width: 155cm
Roll length: 50m
Stock colours:

- 850gsm:
            Light Grey, Army Green, Dark Grey, Black, Dark Olive,                    Storm Grey
- 850gsm Pyramid:
            Light Grey, Black
- 1000gsm:
            Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black, White, Blue, Red,                                Orange, Yellow, Light Yellow, Alpine Blue, Dark Olive,                      Storm Grey
- 1450gsm
            Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Red, Yellow

*More colours available on request



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